Microstock tool set
Simple and efficient tool
for micro*stockers: photographers, illustrators, artists and videographers
*also nano, macro, mega and giga
Smart attributing
Suggestion of sources for selecting keywords from the collections of the most popular stocks

Fine settings for selecting keywords: relevant, selling, from the headlines, from the search queries, etc.

Variable keyword sets and a headline generator for the series in one click: this is awesome!

Translation of keywords and descriptions into Russian and a bunch of other languages

Automation and acceleration of routine processes
Metadata Transfer
Say "no" to paranoia! Your original files do not leave your computer while being attributed
Photo, vector, video
Our application automatically creates previews for your files and organizes them into projects
Attributing is processed on Stoxet with targets – small copies of your files
Finished metadata is automatically transferred to your original files
No one but you has access to your photos, drawings and footages
Mondays and Wednesdays
08.00 – 09.00
Scheduled Uploading
  • FTP uploading to any stock without restrictions
  • Immediate or Scheduled
  • Adjusted uploading periods
  • Automatic shuffling of the files in batches
Delegating tasks
For Contributors

Hire remote keywording professionals without any risk of unauthorized use of your content
Yes, I am ready to delegate work
For Keywording Freelancers
Thousands of authors are happy to share work with you – this is a new opportunity for remote earning
Yes, I want to work as a Keywording Freelancer
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Awesome tool for stockers of all kinds:
from beginners to professional studios
Copy-paste with no limits
Basic keywords selecting functionality

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